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Technical Specification

Genuine 7.62mm x 51mm NATO

7.62mm diagram


This silver plated bullet is a genuine NATO caliber bullet. This version is the HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail). The lead is fully encapsulated by a silver plated brass jacket.  51mm refers to the cartridge length which is NATO standard and is currently used as machine gun ammunition.

7.62 silver bullet

The silver plated bullet is diamond engraved as shown. The bullet is lead, filled with a brass (high copper content) Encapsulating Metal Jacket. This silver version is plated with 925 sterling silver and is tarnish passified. Silver is more suitable for everyday wear than copper as it does not tarnish as quickly but it is not recomended for keyrings: The jacket of a real bullet is slightly ductile, if you hit it hard enough it will dent, and it will wear if subject to prolongued abrassion.

If selected when buying, a matching base ring and solid silver jump ring is attached to the base of your silver plated bullet. If the bullet is a gift, why not make it even more personal with an engraved presentation box for only £2


Weight: 12,0g
Speed (Vo): 755m/s
Energy: 3420J
Production: Arsenal, Sellier & Bellot, Lapua, Wolf, Remmington and many more.

7.62mm silver bullet



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