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7-62 bullet engraved
7-62 bullet engraved
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7-62 engraved bullet
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7.62 Bullet engraving. Silver and gold AK47 bullets engraved with your name on-line. We also engrave regimental badges, 7SiX2 Thors hammers, dog tags, Cufflinks, Zippos, hip flasks, and more... Military gifts for soldiers by soldiers.

Submit your own logos, or design your own initials on line. Everything is possible at 7-62.

if there is a bullet with your name on it... OWN IT!

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Baldricks bullet
7-62 engrave bullets with your name. You can shop here for a silver 7.62 bullets as a mobile charm, keyring or necklace, or for a Zippo or hip flask engraved with your regimental badge. Great cheap military gift: If there is a bullet with your name on it... best buy that engraved 7.62mm bullet here. We deliver engraved bullets and Zippos worldwide, to uk us de fr iraq etc. Engraving and delivery are free. 762 bullets are all from genuine NATO / Ex Warsaw Pact small arms factory. Silver bullets are plated with 925 sterling silver. You have the option of putting your bullet on a necklace or keyring. Engraving space is limited on the bullet so pick your bullet carefully. Sølv halskæder, kugler, Thors hammerog indgraveret dog tags Panserkęde og Manchetknapper sælges også fra vores Dansk on-line butik sølvhalskæde.dk
See our site on TOP 100 MILITARY SITES. We are also selling Boxershorts and Herre undertøj from our sistershop Biagibutikken.dk offering italian charms to BFPO customers who just can't get their hands on beads to fit Pandora.

Engraved bullets, Cufflinks, Zippos, Hipflasks, Thors hammer. Design your own logo on-line.